Michael Vassios from Cologne, Germany

"Exactly 10 years ago, I, as a young guy in the shipping business, ordered a steam cleaner that was considered as the “Mercedes” of steam cleaners at that time. I wanted to clean my own apartment at that time - as efficiently as possible and get it shining as quickly as possible. However, my initial enthusiasm did not last long as the steam that was very wet did not deliver the results expected and promised by the manufacturer – and even damaged one or two of the surfaces. 

After I moved to a new and considerably larger apartment with my wife six years back, we bought an expensive steam cleaner from another company, which was equipped with a two-chamber system and a little bit more power; and at that time, it was actually the most powerful appliance available in the market for private cleaning. Here too, the steam was always very wet – particularly while ironing, there were occurrences of “spray rain” so that the clothes to be ironed always got wet. Somewhere along the line, we stopped using the appliance and it lay unused in the corner.

Recently while surfing on the internet, I came across Thermostar Avantgarde, which was available on the market for two years. The dry steam feature produced by Thermostar as per the product description caught my eye and I brought the product home. 

I told Mr. Heczko of Thermostar right from the beginning that it would be difficult to convince me of the advantages of Thermostar as a result of my previous negative experiences with steam cleaning. We then put it to test and used our old steam cleaner and Thermostar Avantgarde in parallel, by giving full steam to both appliances with the turbo nozzles mounted, and I placed my hand alternately directly under the steam jet of one appliance and then of the other: In case of the old steam cleaner, my hand was quite wet – whereas under Thermostar, it remained perfectly dry from the same distance!

The term "dry steam" is true, as promised. Mr. Heczko, who spent a lot of time to demonstrate the features of Thermostar in a competent and friendly manner, explained that the dry steam contained only 5% water and the rest was just air. Thermostar owes this phenomenon particularly to its high performance in the matters of steam pressure and temperature.

Thermostar has convinced me in the aspect of cleaning in every single application area! For example, before the use of Thermostar, we were never able to clean the parqueted floor of our apartment with a steam cleaner, because the cloths in our old appliance became so wet in just a few minutes that the wooden floor got wet too.

That’s why I was surprised to see that the floor did not became even a little moist with Thermostar cleaning - it can’t get drier than this while cleaning.

Thermostar fulfilled all my expectations for ironing too. Not only did the clothes to be ironed (with the professional ironing station of Thermostar) remain completely dry while using the steam iron and did not form any water circles subsequently – even after the immediate heating phase, condensed water did not come out of the steam iron, which is a further indication of the high performance and the dry steam of Thermostar!

The most impressive moment in the demonstration was: applying full steam in the socket! If I would have tried this experiment with my old steam cleaner, it would have surely caused a short circuit of the main fuse! This was not the case for Thermostar: We neither suffered any power failure, not was there any short circuit! The only side effect: the socket was clean! At last, one can clean the problem areas without any problems... 

No wonder, just after 14 days with Thermostar Avantgarde, we “again” bought a new steam pressure cleaner already! It’s a high probability that this would be the last one, because with Avantgarde, I have finally found something I was searching for steam cleaning over the past 10 years – and the Thermostar gives a lifetime restoration guarantee.

Cleanness for a lifetime!